Outline of the Book of Romans

outlineHere’s an outline of the book of Romans, which is good to review as you read through the entire book. 

The devotional itself will start tomorrow morning, so this and yesterday’s introduction may serve as adequate introductions to this great epistle. We’ll be studying Romans 1-8 in this series, which will consist of 35 lessons (not counting yesterday and today’s introductions).



INTRODUCTION 1:1-17  (Paul greets the church with an introduction of himself and his desires for them)

Paul, separated unto the gospel 1:1-6

His addressees: the church in Rome, and his desire to minister to them and they to him 1:7-17


STATEMENT OF PURPOSE 1:16-17 (Paul’s purpose in this epistle is to explain the powerful gospel of Jesus Christ, and all of its implications related to how we live)


MAIN TEACHING 1:18-16:24

 The universal sinfulness of all mankind 1:18-3:20

  1. The heathen or practical atheist 1:18-32
  2. The moralist 2:1-16
  3. The religious man (the religious Jew) 2:17-3:8
  4. All have sinned 3:9-20

God’s solution to man’s sinfulness: justification by faith 3:21-4:25

  1. Righteousness apart from the law 3:21-31
  2. Old testament examples of justification by faith: Abraham and David 4:1-8
  3. Justification by faith: available to both Jew and Gentile by faith 4:9-16
  4. Justifying faith exemplified in the life of Abraham 4:17-25

Implications of justification by faith 5:1-21

  1. Peace with God through the Lord Jesus Christ 5:1-11
  2. The gospel of Christ overwhelms the effects of Adam’s fall 5:12-21

The believer’s relationship to sin 6:1-23

The believer’s relationship to the law 7:1-25

The believer’s victory: the ministry of the Holy Spirit 8:1-27

  1. Life through dependence upon the Spirit 8:1-13
  2. The Holy Spirit’s ministry to the believer 8:14-27

The eternal purpose and love of God toward all believers 8:28-39

The problem of Jewish unbelief (or, what about Israel?) 9:1-11:36

  1. Israel in the past, and God’s sovereign decision Romans 9:1-33
  2. Israel in the present: how the Jew can be saved today Romans 10:1-21
  3. Israel in the future: the fulfillment of God’s covenant for the true Israel 11:1-36

 Response to the gospel: living lives of submission and humility 12:1-15:7

  1. Present your body as a living sacrifice 12:1-2
  2. How to live with others in the body of Christ 12:3-16
  3. Overcome evil with good 12:17-21
  4. Be subject to governing authorities 13:1-7
  5. Owing nothing but love to anyone 13:8-14
  6. How the strong and weak in faith should treat and regard each other 14:1-15:7

 Personal words in preparation for Paul’s visit to Rome 15:8-33



Paul’s personal greetings, exhortation, and encouragement to the fellowship in Rome 16:1-24


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