God’s Answer for Fear


After these things the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision, saying, “Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward.” (Genesis 15:1)


When the LORD says “Do not be afraid,” it is because we are afraid. Something has rattled our cage; some sense of impending doom is upon us.Here Abram, the friend of God, was afraid. We need to know why he was afraid, and how the LORD addressed his fears.

Note the phrase after these things. This refers to the previous chapter, the chapter in which we’re told about Abram’s bold venture to rescue his nephew Lot and his heroic victory over four Canaanite kings. The reference to these things means that Abram became afraid after his victory.

What might he have been afraid of? Let us hazard a calculated guess: Abram was afraid that these defeated kings would regroup and come after him with a vengeance! If so, he was in a real tight spot! We can also deduce (from the LORD’s statement in v. 1) that Abram may have been afraid of having everything taken from him that God had given him.

The LORD assuages His friend’s fear by letting Abram know that He Himself would be His protection (his shield). Also, the LORD Himself would be Abram’s exceedingly great reward.

How large a shield do you think the LORD was to Abram? How much protection would the Almighty God provide to our father in the faith?

How great a reward is God Himself? How much does He, all by Himself, fulfill and enrich our lives?

How much does our God love those who believe in Him?

For Further Review

1.  What are you afraid of in your life, right now? What objective reasons do you have for feeling this way?

2.  Using this encounter between the LORD and Abram as a template, how might God personally speak into your situation?

3.  How has the LORD protected you in times past?

4.  How has He brought fulfillment into your life, just by knowing Him?

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