The Blessing of Abraham

theblessingofabrahamNow the LORD had said to Abram: “Get out of your country, from your family and from your father’s house, to a land that I will show you. I will make you a great nation; I will bless you and make your name great; and you shall be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” (Genesis 12:1-3)

Through this man Abram, the LORD would bless the entire world. Abram blessed every subsequent generation by:

  • his calling, as he was directed by God to be a blessing … thus Abram’s calling was a missionary calling, and his offspring were also to be others-centered, to teach the non-Jewish world about who God is…
  • his example, as he obeyed God and departed from his former heathen culture…
  • his separation, as he rejected the idolatry of Ur of the Chaldeans to believe in the one true and living God, the God revealed through His creation and in the Bible…
  • his faith, as he believed in the promise of God for his life and was thus justified (Genesis 15:6)…
  • his walk with God, as he demonstrated what it means to be God’s friend (James 2:23)…
  • his obedience, as he was willing to offer his own son as an offering to God, believing that God would raise the young man from the dead to fulfill His promise to Abram (Genesis 22 cf. Hebrews 11:17-19)…
  • his offspring, becoming the father of the Jewish people, who have immeasurably benefitted the world in a myriad of ways…
  • his Seed, the Messiah of Israel and Savior of the world, Jesus Christ (Galatians 3:16,19).

Those who bless Abraham and his appointed offspring (the Jews) shall be blessed.

Those who curse Abraham and his appointed offspring (the Jews) shall be cursed.

Consider the following nations, and what happened to each of them after they decided to act against Israel and her right to exist as a sovereign nation: Rome, Greece, Egypt, Assyria, Persia, Babylon, Great Britain, Germany, Iraq, Iran, etc. (the list is continuing to grow).

God intends to bless His chosen people, and nothing anyone will ever do can counteract His blessing.

For Further Review

1.  How has the example of Abram affected your life, generally? How about personally? What does Abram’s life mean to you?

2.  Looking at the ways Abram blessed every generation, which of these are most important to you? Which are most important to the entire world?

3.  Take some time today to pray for the nation of Israel (Psalm 122:6,7), and be sure to bless and support them in their right to exist as a people in their own land.

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