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Facebook Prayers

Here’s the good side of social media … we can pray for each other!

Before I traveled last summer to minister in a potentially dangerous situation, I told my FB friends about the trip. Here are their responses to me. I found them in a document as I was cleaning out my desktop. I got blessed all over again.


Janis D.: Praying.

Chris K.: Any specific requests?

K H G: may the lord protect u and keep u healthy!

R D Mc: Praying for your protection and success.

Amy P.: you got it! The Lord has already gone before you, now all you must do is follow and obey!

Melanie J.: Oh wow, praying!!

Jason W.: praying.

Steve B.: Covered in prayer for you & Dan!

John R.: My squadron is on the way to provide humanitarian assistance. Blessings Pastor Bill!!!

Bill Holdridge: Thank you everyone, for your prayers. I believe a kingdom work will be done on this trip. I’m going with Pastor Dan F. to do inductive Bible study training and sermon preparation training. Hundreds of Pakistani pastors… you folks are wonderful!

Bill Holdridge: John: that’s amazing, John. Wouldn’t it be weird if we saw each other? Blessings to you as well. Say hello to Lisa!

Bill Holdridge: Chris: specific requests? Yes… protection, wisdom, health, anointing. That ought to just about do it. Thanks!

Celeste R.: We will be praying for you Bill! and I will be calling Sheri 🙂 God bless you!

Sandy H.: We will keep you in our prayers Pastor Bill! God Bless =)

Martha C.: okay, on our prayer list!

Mitzi L.: Love and prayers from Robert and Miitzi. Prayers for a successful, safe, trip, and victory for Jesus.

Keith J.: You’ll definitely be in our prayers! Be safe!

Antoniette S.: knee pads are out and ready for use! Will miss you … Pakistan is an ever FURTHER drive!

Lynn E.: please be safe bill. i’m praying for you

Bill Holdridge: Again, thank you all so much for your overwhelming interest and love and prayers! You are all such a blessing to me. Sheri and I are sitting here on our couch with our jaws dropping at your kindness!

Amy L.: Talked with Denny tonight about your trip and he too will be praying. God is good ♥

Isidoro M.: You got it Bill. We will be praying. Aloha from Kona Hawaii.

Kathleen M.: praying for you!

Veronica T.: Got it!

Missy A.: May the Lord be with you in all you do! May your will align with His with every step you take! You are dear to us, but so much dearer to Him. You are in the best of hands!

Joyce W.: Will be praying for your health, safety, wisdom & that the Lord will use you mightily. I know you will be a blessing to them as you are to so many.

Terry P.: Lord God of heaven and earth, be with Bill and any traveling companions. Bless him with your presence and protection. Use Bill to spread your rule and reign over all the earth. Amen

Chris K.: (August 8 at 1:19am) This is something I took away from GLDI (Pastor S.U.)– often people will promise to pray for someone, but not do it, so instead he writes his prayer into the emails when he promises to pray. So this is kind of my way of keeping myself accountable to my own promises:

Father, I lift up Pastor Bill as well as his coworker, Pastor Dan to you right now as they go to Pakistan to equip other pastors to do your work, feeding and taking care of your sheep in such a difficult place. Lord, I pray that You will be with them, guiding them and leading them to what You want them to do; let them constantly be filled with your Word and make them sensitive to your Spirit so that they may know what is Your Good and pleasing and perfect will. Protect them Lord, from anything that might hinder Your work in Pakistan and bring them back home, safe and sound with testimonies to further uplift and encourage those who are back at home. Anoint not only their lips and tongues, but also their hands and feet, let their service to the Pakistani pastors be the living testimony, and a mirror image of Your Words that come flowing from their mouths so that they will see Your Gospel lived out among them. Lord, the harvest is plenty but the workers are few, thank you for sending Pastors Bill and Dan to train and equip more workers for Your Kingdom Work. Bless the harvest and may all the glory be for you and you alone.

In your Son, Jesus’ name I pray,


Have a safe trip Pastor Bill! I hope to hear some incredible stories about what God’s doing in Pakistan when you return!

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