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Overview of Ephesians (3 of 4)

Happy Thanksgiving Day! May the Lord fill you with His Spirit and produce waves of gratefulness in your hearts!

Here is the third of four background studies in Ephesians, in preparation for the beginning of next weeks’  dev0tional.

God bless you!







I.    Introduction 1:1-2

II.  Main Teaching 1:3-6:20

A. The Position of Believers (1:3-3:21)

B. Chosen and Sealed (1:3-14)

C. Prayer for spiritual knowledge (1:15-23)

D. Saved by Grace (2:1-10)

E. United in One Body (2:11-22)

F. Equal in the Body [the Mystery] :1-21)

G. The Practice of Believers (4:1-6:9)

H. In Relation to Other Believers (4:1-6)

I. In Relation to Spiritual Gifts (4:7-16)

J. In Relation to the Former Life (4:17-32)

K. In Relation to Evil (5:1-17)

L. In Relation to the Holy Spirit (5:18-21)

M. In Relation to Home Life (5:22-6:4)

N. In Relation to Slaves and Masters (6:5-9)

III.    The Protection for Believers (6:10-20)

A. Against Whom? (6:10-12)

B. With What? (6:13-20)

IV.    Conclusion 6:21-24

1 Taken and adapted from The Ryrie Study Bible by Dr. Charles C. Ryrie, Moody Press.

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