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The Importance of Foundational Truth

foundationOur personal worldview is built slowly, even systematically. The underground work is done, and preparations are made  for the steel, concrete, blocks, and other foundational materials necessary to ensure strength, even in the face of fierce storms. What is real, and how it plays out in the worldview we embrace is tested and measured until we have a “grid” through which we can view all of life.

Spiritually, Jesus talked about need to build upon the rock, which is accomplished by hearing His sayings and doing them.

As we consider the abundance of NT truth, what is foundational? Where do we start, and what materials do we use?

Of course we must begin with the person of Jesus Christ. As our great God and Savior, He is the Chief Cornerstone of the church’s foundation. No other foundation can be laid than Jesus Himself (Ephesians 2:20; 1 Corinthians 3:11).

But how do we build upon Jesus?

It is my strong opinion that we have to look to the NT epistles to find the answer. Whereas the gospels tell us the good news of Christ, the epistles explain what He means to us and to the world.

Chief among the NT epistles in forming the theological and doctrinal foundation for the church is the book of Romans. The central doctrine of the book of Romans is justification by faith.

I invite and encourage you to learn more by listening to the message I did on July 29, at Calvary Chapel Santa Cruz. This study has been such a blessing to me personally. Its truth has helped form the foundation of my own Christian walk. As I often think with much of what I learn and have learned, what would my life be without this truth? What would I be missing if I didn’t know this, or wasn’t learning it? These questions help intensify the meaning of many Bible passages.


God bless you, and thank you for reading and listening.

As always, feedback is appreciated, particularly of the specific kind.

In Christ,

Bill Holdridge

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