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Israel Trip April 2010


I’ve got an exciting announcement to make … an opportunity that can be a real life changing experience.

I’m talking about a trip to Israel.

The last time I led a tour to Israel was in 2005, but now the opportunity to do it again has presented itself. As the Lord wills (James 4:15), this will be my sixth trip. Each time has been special, and each time has been different.

Along with several other Calvary Chapel pastors, and in conjunction with Calvary Chapel of Santa Cruz, we are planning a trip to Israel in April of 2010. This will be a study tour, with lots of worship and relevant Bible study in the very places where Jesus Himself walked!

The necessary details are on the flier (in Microsoft Word format) which can be downloaded by clicking on this link:

http://www.billholdridge.com/Israel Flier.doc

God bless you! Please respond promptly, as the initial deposit is due by August 7.

More later… thanks for reading.

In Christ,

Bill Holdridge

In Christ,
Bill Holdridge

P.S. Occasionally I am asked about how safe it is to travel to Israel. My answer to that question is that it’s much safer than walking down the street at night in many of our cities here in the U.S., and safer than driving a car on a busy freeway. Tourists are protected by everyone in Israel, and the tour company and guides know where not to go, and where it’s safe to go. I always feel completely safe when traveling there. Ask someone who’s been … they will tell you the same thing.

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