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What We’re Doing Now

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Long time no write!

Our reasons/excuses: we’ve been pretty involved with moving from St. Helena back to Santa Cruz County and all that has entailed. Plus, we’ve continued to be involved with the folks at St. Helena Community Church in their search for a new pastor. And here in Santa Cruz we’re getting set up for the next things the Lord has for us.

Which is why I’m writing…

I wanted to tell you about what we’re doing next, so as to give you the opportunity to pray and support us financially, as the Lord may lead.

Basically, this next phase of ministry involves ministry to Senior Pastors. It’s a tough calling for Senior Pastors in today’s spiritual climate, and it’s getting tougher all the time. Pastors have bull’s-eyes on their chest, and the enemy has them in his crosshairs. I believe the Lord would have me provide whatever help I can to as many pastors as possible.

Most of all, I love to help provide pastors with another set of eyes on their ministries. I do this by spending a week or so with them and their churches, and then I provide a written report that I present to the pastor personally. It’s like handing them a plate of hors d’oeuvres… they pick whatever they want, no strings attached. Lots of great interchange results with this process, and the pastor feels strengthened and encouraged. I’ve done this sort of thing several times so far. Each time has been different, but all have been effective. I’d like to do more.

Actually, there are many more ways to minister to pastors. Sometimes, it’s counseling them in their marriages. Other times, it’s providing leadership counsel and training. For a more complete description of the ministry, please check out the website at www.poimenministries.com (“poimen” is the Greek word for shepherd).

I have current invitations to the New England area, Brazil, Peru, and Utah. Each of these is a strategic invitation which could potentially affect many others, including other pastors.

This ministry is funded entirely by individuals and churches. If you go to the support page of Poimen Ministries (www.poimenministries.com/Support.html), you’ll see how it all works.

Our heart is to offer our ministry to pastors and churches at no charge. That way, the smaller fellowships can receive ministry without financial hardship to them. That’s why the funding should come from outside sources.

If you’d like to participate financially with a one-time gift or ongoing gifts, all the information is on the Poimen website.

Please pray for us. The spiritual warfare against pastors and those who seek to help them can be intense. We need the Lord Jesus Christ, our Armor, to protect us.

God bless you all. Thanks for reading.

In Christ,

Bill Holdridge
3285 Ashwood Way
Soquel, CA 95073

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  1. Peggy
    June 17, 2009 at 7:54 am

    Blessings, Greetings!

    Your update is being processed, prayerfully; and the Throne of Grace hears our petitions on behalf of Poimen Ministries.

    Several months ago, I believe it was, I visited the Poimen web site, seeing the link via your blog; and, I recall being struck, at the time of first viewing it, of how it was so “in decency and order” and, “ordered of God” and I thank and praise Him for this service from servants; going out to other servants…it is all a rich blessing. The Holy Spirit led me in prayer the day I first laid eyes on the web site, and continues to do so, how great and faithful is our God. It is all Him.

    I think of the verses in Genesis 29, 2-10, where Jacob comes to the well where he rolled the stone from the well’s mouth, and watered Laban’s flock…so representative of all that Poimen Ministries is about…shepherds watering the flock, assisting, encouraging, counseling…doing all of this in God’s decency and order. As the Pastors receive strengthening from the Living Water, they are better able to serve the flock, and on it goes; Kindom-ward.

    Yes, the battle rages on; may our Lord go before you, beside you, behind you, flanking you and the Poimen servants on every side, every moment, until all of God’s plans come to full fruition.

    God’s grace and mercy and peace be with you, dear Pastor Bill, to you, and your beloved bride Sheri, and those who serve with you,

    In Christ, Praying Always,

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