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Series On Revival

revivalThis morning I spoke for the second consecutive Sunday at Cornerstone Ministries of Napa, where my friend Bill Walden is Senior Pastor.

Pastor Bill asked me to speak on the subject of Revival, and so I did just that. I sensed the Lord wanting me to go for it, and could feel His hand upon me as I pondered the subject.

Here are the links to the audio versions of both studies, as well as to the notes that go with them. My wife insisted that I publish these studies, as she was very excited about both the content and delivery.

So to God be the glory. I have been praying for revival myself for many years, on many levels. I hope the messages stir and encourage you.

Audio Messages

http://www.billholdridge.com/Topicals/Revival – Part 1.mp3

http://www.billholdridge.com/Topicals/Revival – Part 2.mp3


http://www.billholdridge.com/Topicals/Revival (Part One).doc

http://www.billholdridge.com/Topicals/Revival (Part Two).doc

  1. Peggy
    March 30, 2009 at 11:15 am

    “O Lord, revive thy work in the midst of the years, in the midst of the years make known; in wrath remember mercy.”

    This prayer at the beginning of Habakkuk Chapter 3 is highlighted in my KJV Bible; for it has been a great strengthening agent in my walk with the Lord. When I began to listen to the “Revival” series and heard that this verse was the text, I stopped multitasking at my desk and sat still to listen, all the way through, to both parts one and two, and to review the notes as well.

    In my Bible, there is a notation next to the word “revive” which says, “to preserve alive”…think on that…preserve alive…keep alive, is what the Spirit spoke to me…and this teaching on revival has done just that this day. God, through this teaching, has added life to my life in Christ. It is difficult to explain, yet the “preserve alive” says what I mean. The life of Christ in me, the Holy Spirit, has expanded my life in Christ. Think of someone breathing, taking a shallow breath, and then think of someone taking a huge inhalation type of breath, a deep, deep breath…that’s the analogy that comes to mind…this is a deeper breathing in Christ, to be revived in Him, because of Him.

    My further response? God is glorified in this teaching. It is a Spirit given teaching, the Holy Spirit gave me new life via this teaching. God lives and reigns. God the Father, Jesus, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit of God. I exhort you one and all to take the time to listen to the entirety of Revival, parts one and two, and to review the notes.

    And, you’ll “get this” after you listen, don’t be a cold pea…!

    Thanking God for his pastors and teachers, and right now especially for our Pastor Bill Holdridge. And walking in further newness of life in Christ.


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